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Dental Procedures That Are Conducted by Dentists. The duties of medical practitioners vary greatly. This difference in the duties of medical practitioners is what sets a distinction among the various medical fields. In this study, we shall examine who dentists are and what is that they do that distinguishes them in the medical arena. We will go into great detail about their duties so that we steer clear of any confusion concerning this medical field. Firstly, a dentist has his expertise in the area of dental matters. Dentists are known to possess the required experience in diagnosing dental problems and are thus capable of offering the required remedies. Dental situations are those that relate to the patient’s teeth. Owing to this, therefore, the dental arena is also confined to the precincts of tooth related matters of a patient. Dentists shouldn’t, therefore, go beyond their specialty but should stick to their area of expertise in order to serve the needs of the society satisfactorily. Dental experts can conduct a wide range of medical processes on patients. The procedures aim at correcting teeth deformities, restoring the facial beauty of the patient as well as alleviating pain that may result from bad teeth. One of the most common procedures that dentists can perform is what is medically called tooth extraction. This medical process is carried out as a way of completely eliminating a bad tooth. Normally, bad teeth are caused by either injuries or uncontrolled cavities. Normally, bad teeth do not heal on their own and as a result of this it is recommended that they are removed through this procedure.
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Tooth transplant is also another very common medical procedure that is done by dentists. Unlike the past procedure, this procedure is usually done to restore the facial beauty of a patient. This process involves replacing a removed tooth with an artificial tooth. In most cases, it is possible for a patient not to replace a removed tooth. However, in scenarios where the beauty of a patient is at stake owing to a removed tooth, tooth transplant is the procedure to be conducted on the patient. Because of this procedure, patients are assured of their confidence since the replaced tooth makes them feel as normal as they were before they went through a tooth extraction procedure.
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Cavity filling is another dental process that dentists can carry out. This procedure is done to stop the cavity from spreading further in the tooth structure. A special medical substance is usually stuffed into the cavity. Proper cleaning of the affected teeth should be done before this procedure is carried out in order to curb any infections. After this procedure, the patient should adhere to regular check-ups to ascertain the success of the procedure.