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Reasons Why You Should Register Your Trademark. A trademark is a sign, design or expression that helps in the identification of products or services of a company. Organizations, legal entities, businesses, and individuals can all be trademark owners. Trademarks are often placed on vouchers, labels, packages, or the products. A trademark can also be placed on buildings belonging to a company to enhance corporate identity. To be able to make a legal suit regarding a trademark infringement, you should have first registered your trademark legally. Some common trademark registration USA are also recognized in Canada and other countries. This means that you can take the necessary action to protect your unregistered trademark if you are still using it. Some of the common law trademarks give the trademark owner less protection compared to the less registered trademarks. In some situations, phrases, logos, words, images and designs or an amalgamation of some can be denoted as trademarks. If there are trademarks that don’t fit in such categories, they are referred to as non-conventional trademarks. Sometimes trademarks can also refer to some unique attributed that can identify individuals. Service marks are trademarks that are used to identify services instead of products.
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Trademark registration rights arises from the needs to maintain or to use exclusive rights, this is worth noting. Such rights may cover several goods and services together with the sign itself. This is used where trademark objections are present.
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There are different goods and services that fall under different classes according to the international classification of goods and services. Classes one to thirty four cover goods while classes thirty five to forty five cover services. Any extensions to the academic property rights are limited and specified by this system. Regulation of the goods and services covered by the mark is done by the system. International grouping systems are all unified by the system. Applying for trademarks. If you want to use a trademark in a country, the best way to get it is by applying to each countries trade mark office. Using a single application system is another way to go about the need for a trademark in several countries. Your intellectual property is always safe with the single application system in many countries. Your payment for numerous territories will end up being reduced. There is not as much of form-filling involved. There is also the advantage of getting faster results and less agent fees apart from easy application process. Using international route to apply for trademarks will give you property rights in nations that are part of the Madrid Protocol. The United States, the European Union members and Australia are among the 70 members of the Madrid Protocol. For any successful brand, a trademark is the most crucial asset. Applying for a trademark registration will protect your brand from deceitful competition techniques.